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About American National Insurance Company

American National Insurance Company

American National Insurance Company is one of the 100 largest life Insurance company  founded in 1905 by William Lewis Moody, Jrheadquartered in Galveston. It had $100,000 capitaland 10 employees when it was founded, and now has reached over 100 billion insurance policies. American National Insurance offers personalized insurance, home, business, health, auto and more. The company is operating in fifty states of US. It’s a publicly traded company but the majority of the stock is controlled by the Moody family through Moody Foundation. American National is one of the 100 most trustworthy financial companies. In 2019 ANICO had its 114th anniversary. The company also developed the large scale housing development in League City, Texas. ANICO has different times of insurance policies in different fields, some of the subsidiaries are,

  • American National Life Insurance Company of New York and Texas
  • American National Property and Casualty Company
  • Farm family casualty Insurance Company
  • Standard life and Accident Insurance Company

Between 1905-1910 ANICO rose considerably from $2.1 million to $22 million. During 1920s the company’s assets increased over 400 percent comparing to the national average insurance companies was 160 percent. Founder William Lewis Moody Jr. started the company with the ideal of strong management, prudent investment and financial strength. The company is fundamentally so solid that it would be operated 500 years into the future. After a century ANICO is as strong as it was structured by Mr. Moody. The company offers same lifelong coverages, which attracts the customers and also trustworthy since foundation. ANICO is one of the biggest insurance company that offers such variations of insurance policies. One can get all insurance facilities from one place and don’t have to run after different companies which helps ANICO to rank one of the best. According to sources the overall review of American National Insurance Company is one of the biggest and best since years.

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