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Five Steps to Waive Your School’s Group Insurance Plan

School’s Group Insurance Plan

When you are an international student attending an institution or college in the US, then chances are your school has certain health insurance requirements to make sure you are properly protected. Many institutes and schools have a group plan that they automatically enroll their international students in, but may give you the option to opt-out if you can show proof of an alternative insurance policy. If any student wants to waive their school’s group insurance plan, they will not only be able to find a plan that meets their unique needs but oftentimes can find plans that are less expensive. One can save thousands of dollars, in some cases.

  • Step1

Find the School’s Policy

Every school and institutes have requirements when it comes to your health insurance plan. First, you have to find out if they have a group plan, and if so, whether you are able to waive the plan by purchasing your own policy that meets certain requirements. The institute must have compliance or alternative insurance waiver form you need to complete which typically lists these requirements.

  • Step2

Purchase International Student Insurance Plan

First, you need to know the requirement, then the next step is to find a plan according to your school criteria and your personal needs. There are different types of plans choose according to needs, to see which plan will work, use our school requirements database tool to locate your college or university, and see which of our plans will meet. Once you get the right plan, you just need to enroll and pay for the policy. You may be able to get same day or next day coverage, depending on the plan and you’ll receive an email confirmation right away.

  • Step3

Complete the Waiver form

The institution or school may have an online or paper waiver/compliance form that you will need to complete and submit to your school. You must fill out this form for the school to review and approve the waiver. And you will be required to have the insurance company complete a portion of the form, in some cases.


  • Step4

Submit the form to Insurance Company

There is a portion of your form that needs to be completed by the insurance company, be sure to fill out the student section, and your name, certificate/policy number, and signature if needed. There are also options where you can fax or email the form.


  • Step5

Submit the form to School

The insurance company can submit the waiver/compliance form on your behalf, depending on the institution and the insurance company can send this back to you to submit. It is very important for you to keep track of any deadlines for submission! Once your school has reviewed your waiver, they will let you know whether your plan has been accepted. If not, they will tell you why it wasn’t accepted and if not, be sure to ask. There are many schools that may put a hold to register for classes, so you’ll want to get this done as soon as possible.

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