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Know more about United Health Group

United Health Group

The United Health Group is a healthcare organization in America, that provides health care products and insurance services. According to the revenue it is the largest health care company with $242.2 billion. United Health was founded in 1977 by Richard T. Burke headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota. The company has two foundations, the United Health Foundation and United Healthcare Children’s Foundation, both were formed in 1999. Present number of employees are about 320,000. United Healthcare provides commercial group insurance plans in the United States under several products.

       Types of Health Insurance Plans

  • United Healthcare Select with exclusive provider organization
  • United Healthcare Select Plus which a preferred provider organization
  • United Healthcare Navigate which is restricted to managed care plans
  • United Healthcare Choice a plan that access with specialists

United Healthcare has many providers so its necessary to manage the provider dictionary, and maintaining up to date dictionaries as the Medicare and Medicaid services fine insurers for outdated dictionaries. Thus for participation the company requires the providers to notify them of changes while has a professional verification program. In this way the providers have pressure for maintaining the information with multiple networks. The total cost of maintaining this dictionaries are about $2.1 billion per annum.

United Health Group provides various group benefit plans such as medical insurance, dental, pharmacy, vision, specialty benefits, accident. The group benefit insurance plans can be purchased by the employers for their employees. Apart from these there life insurance plans like basic dependent life, supplemental life, accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D).There are critical illness plans available for  customers employees and children like cancer, cardiovascular and other critical illness. The accident insurance are categorized in Silver, Gold and Platinum. All the policies has limitations, exclusions reduction of benefits and terms under which the policy should be continued or discontinued. United Healthcare is also known as UHC is one of the recognizable insurance brand and organization in the United States. Its one of the trustworthy with over 115 million customers and annual revenue of $200 billion.

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