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Why is medical insurance in USA so complicated?

Medical Insurance in USA

USA is a complicated nation and there are certain rights are preserved for the union. The rest are assigned to the states which create that union.For passing the national health care act, Affordable Care Act (ACA) individual states were allowed for the out put. When the ACA act passed, some states immediately went for undermining its benefits.Health insurance is being tackled on a national basis many times. States, and their national representatives can not agree with other states and their national representatives. The primary reason for complication of medical insurance is that insurance is mostly regulated atstate level. All insurance companies have to license their particular company in each state put up assets for that company in that state. They have all their rules and rates which are approved by department of Insurance in that states. Every state has its different laws and the interpretation of the laws are up to political appointees or constitutional officers that are changed every few years. That is why health insurance in USA is very expensive and make profit through organizations.Also there are multiple payers like public and private, which has different incentives. There are unregulated prices of providers, the supply of which are kept due to regulation. Healthcare reform law expanded their access to insurance to millions of Americans. We are very much dependent to a healthcare system nowadays in which everyone can obtain health insurance regardless of age or health status, and many individuals who are newly insured need ongoing medical attention but due these complications in the healthcare system, in times of crisis it is very difficult to find a good health insurance plan.

Medical Insurance in USA

The medical or insurance is an insurance policythat promises torecover the whole or a part of the risk of anindividual’s medical expenses By the estimation of a person’s health system and risk of health the insurers develops a structured finance  like monthly premium for providing the money to the healthcare benefits in the insurance agreement. There are two types of health insurance in US- tax payer and private funded. Employer sponsored self-funded plan (ERISA) is an example of private funded insurance. The United Health Group is a healthcare organization in America, that provides health care products and insurance services. According to the revenue it is the largest health care company with $242.2 billion, it is one of the biggest insurer brands of US.

US Health care

Every healthcare associations ofUSA is provided throughdifferent  and the health care facilities and organizations  are mostly owned and operated bythe  private sector businesses. According to WHO (world health organization) United States spend $9.56 per on health care per capita.United Health Group provides various group benefit plans such as medical insurance, dental, pharmacy, vision, specialty benefits, accident. The group benefit insurance plans can be purchased by the employers for their employees. All healthcare companies of USA are mostly promising and supportive except few.The Medicare policies of US is for people 65+ or for special situations and Medicaid is for people with lower income.

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